33Canales is a mexican duo of electronic music producer consisting on Minuit De Lacroix and Vate.

Their musical proposal combines elements from nu-jazz , trip-hop, ambient, and drum and bass in a fusion between downtempo and dub influences.


In 2002 Minuit de Lacroix lived in Tijuana and Vate in Mexico City. They began to collaborate trough Internet in a remix exchange that resulted in the Motor EP.

Subsequently, at different times, they both change residence to the city of Barcelona.


Until mid-April 2007 they meet personally and return to the musical collaboration with the “33Canales” project.

33Canales reflects, through musical passages, the complexity of our chaotic social environment and eclectic culture of their native cities: Tijuana, Mexico, and now the contemporary Barcelona, as well as the influence of other cities.

On 2008 they publish the 33Minutos album and participate in the Breathe 02 and Antojitos mexicanos 4 compilations


In 2013, José González integrates with the group to make the visual part for the live presentatiosn of the group, and so they begin a new tour in Barcelona wich also serves as a platform to create their new album: 22Horas.


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